• calSy
    Synchronized and smart team - and booking calendar
  • Confirmed & unconfirmed appointments
    Synchronized shared calendar.
    View can be varied from daily to annual
    Ability to filter by user
    Creation, management and assignment of resources to appointments
    Ability to filter by resource
    Individual calendar

calSy allows you to replace the classic wall and pocket calendar
with a modern, real-time-synchronized calendar on desktops,
tablets and smartphones for your business!

Examples of usage

The potential areas of use are just as varied as calSy's features.

Regardless of whether you are just looking for an internal calendar for your employees or resources or need an appointment booking system for your customers – you've come to the right place.

Look at our example applications and features.


Synchronized calendar

Shared calendar for all users.

Registration for customers

Customers can register themselves.

Customer area

Protected overview of appointments for your customers.

Appointment assistant

Simple and quick appointment arrangement.

Configurable working hours

Opening hours, holidays and vacation.

Resource management

When is which resource available?

Desktop & mobile

Available from everywhere, at any time.

Reminder function

Adjustable reminders for appointments.

Appointment time allotment

Several phases per appointment, e.g. for breaks.

Areas of expertise

Who is responsible for what?


Individual adjustment to your requirements.

Multilingual capability

German, English, French & Italian



Per user and day, up to 3 users.


Per user and day, from the 4th user upwards.